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The connection between Surah Al- Zalzalah and Imam Ali (AS)

SHAFAQNA – At the time of Abu Bakr, an earthquake occurred and people panicked and came to Abu Bakr and Omar whilst wailing; and those two also were frightened and went to see Imam Ali (AS); the people also gathered outside Imam’s house. Imam Ali (AS) came outside and went towards people whilst he was very calm. Imam Ali (AS) started walking and people followed him until he reached a hill and sat on top of it. People gathered around the hill, and they could see from there that the walls of the town were shaking which added to their panic. Imam Ali (AS) said to them: It seems that you panicked from what you are seeing? They replied: How can we not be fearful when we have not seen such a scene before?

Lady Fatima Zahra (AS) said: Amiral Momineen Ali (AS) moved his lips and placed his blessed hand on the ground and said: What is the matter with you, calm down. The earth stopped shaking and people were surprised and came closer. Imam Ali (AS) said: Were you surprised by my action? They replied: Yes. Imam (AS) said: I am the one who God in the holy Quran said about him: “When the earth is shaken to its utmost convulsion. And the earth throws up its burdens (from within). On that day the man says: What is the matter with you [1]?” I am the one who says to the earth: What is the matter with you? On that day, the earth will inform people about its big news. The news refers to me, when the earth informs about me [2].

[1] Ayahs 1-4, Surah Al-Zalzalah

[2] Elalul Sharaye’a, Vol. 2, Page 556.

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