Controversy in Saudi after appearance of Cleric on television with his wife without covering her face!


SHAFAQNA(Exclusive) – Sheikh former head of the Commission for the Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice in Makkah Region, Dr. Ahmed al-Ghamdi appears on interview in MBC tv with his wife without Nikab on her face and cover to face those who criticizing him.Al – Ghamdi after his appearance was debated in social media with some supporting and other refusing. He said in interview that showing the face is not Haram , and mixing male and female is not prohibited. Islam prohibited only being in privacy isolated area men and women .

His fatwa is not accepted in Saudi as its the only Islamic country who prevent the women from driving car , exposing face and working or studying in co-education .

His move was supported by ex-Emam Makkah Adel alkulbani and shora member Isa qaith.


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