Countries sending troops to help ISIL

SHAFAQNA (Shia International News Association)- In this map countries supporting ISIL by the forces and troops they sent are shown.

The countries which are mentioned in this picture are the main ones which mostly send troops to fight for ISIL. Although there are more other ISIL supporter countries, but it was not possible to have the list of all their titles here in the map.

Since ISIL is a terrorist group,collecting data about them is not facile and so the data given is approximate.

According to this stats 70 to 80 percent of ISIL members are foreigners,Tunisia and Saudi Arabia are the main troop senders for aiding ISIL. Three of the 6 most dangerous female ISIL members are from Saudi Arabia.

British are a quarter of the total members of the terrorist group and also the harshest ones.





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