‘Daash’ demolishes Shia’s mosque and Shrine close to Tikrit

SHAFAQNA (Exlusive) – According to a security source in Salahuddin province, on Thursday, that the militants organization “Daash” blew tow religious mosques southeast of Tikrit, dating to the Abbasid era. The source said ” Daash “ terrorist organization they bombed the shrine called (Shoaib Dome) and the shrine of Mr. Yahya central city of Dor (25 km south-east of Tikrit), after packed the shrine with improvised explosive devices.”

The source added “the bombing resulted of completely demolish the Shrine” pointing out that “the history of the shrine and the shrine dates back to the Abbasid era.”“Daash” earlier (Thursday, 23 October 2014) demolished shrine and mosque of Imam Muhammad Dorry, who belongs attributed to Imam al-Kazim, and the shrine of Mr. Saleh Al Nuaimi, after they packed the shrine with improvised explosive devices in central city of Dur (25 km southeast of Tikrit).

The militants of the “Islamic state” or what has become known as the “Daash” they have blow up a number of mosques , shrines and religious shrines, most notably the shrines of the prophets Younis and Chet and Zarzis and Daniel in Mosul.


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