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Daesh militants are targeting Libya’s oil fields

SHAFAQNA – Daesh militants aka ISIL attacked an oil terminal in Libya, setting ablaze at least two storage tanks near the northern town of Ras Lanuf on Thursday.

In a video released later in the day the ISIL terrorist group claimed responsibility for the attack on the facility, owned by the Harouge Oil Operations Company, and warned that more such attacks would follow.

The oil terminal located just outside Ras Lanuf, which overlooks the Gulf of Sidra, had earlier come under a spate of similar attacks by the terrorists.

A number of militant groups, including ISIL, have been operating in the country since 2011.

While the international community has said to be actively engaged against the rise of terrorism, too few countries have dared face to the reality of terror by identifying its sources: Wahhabism.

If the world is to truly rise against this violence which Wahhabis have preached against all, and every religious communities, it is the ideology which needs to be tackled.

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