Daesh & the engineering of sectarianism in Iraq

SHAFAQNA – This March AhlulBayt TV published a new documentary in which it analyses the rise of Daesh aka ISIL in Iraq, and how its ideology of Takfir attempted to fragment Iraq along sectarian lines.

At the root of Daesh dogma lies Takfirism, a belief system which absolutely rejects all faiths, except its own, and wishes to impose it onto others, violently if necessary …

One important point transpired from the documentary, and it is the role Grand Ayatollah Ali Sistani played in safeguarding Iraq. A scholar whose dedication for peace building and tolerance are well-know – both in Iraq and abroad, Ayatollah Sistani rose a barrage to Daesh’s hate, when he called upon all Iraqis, regardless of their faiths to stand united in the defence of their land, their family, and their holy sites.

A true scholar of Islam, it was under Ayatollah Sistani’s guidance that Iraq’s popular resistance movement was formed, and under his advice that Iraq succeeded in thwarting Daesh’s advances.

There is a great lesson to be found, and learn in Ayatollah Sistani’s call for unity. In keeping with the teachings of AhlulBayt, in keeping with Islam principles, Ayatollah Sistani carved a way of light amid a darkness which thought itself cunning.

There is great power to be found in resistance … greater power still when communities draw strength from God.



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