Da’esh threaned to execute 2 Lebanese military personnel

SHAFAQNA (Shia International News Association) – Al-Mostaqbal website reported that Da’esh terrorist group threatened to execute 2 Lebanes soldiers, Khaled Moqbel Hassan and Saif Zebyan. The terrorist group also claimed that if the Lebanese government doesn not meet its demands on Tuesday morning (today) will announce another name from Lebanese military for execution. According to this report, Wael Abufaoor, the Lebanese Health Minister who last night met the families of the kidnapped soldiers in Arsaal, informed them of receiving a message from Da’esh in which they have mentioned their demands but he did not give any detalis of those demands. The report also said that according to official sources a Qatari mediator has arrived in Beirut this morning to go to Arsaal to talk to kidnappers.

Source: Al-Mostaqbal


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