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Daesh’s venom spreads further still – Editorial

SHAFAQNA – Daesh militants today are attempting to break a new frontier in their morbid love affair with blood-letting and sanguinary hate of religious communities.

Since its rising, Wahhabi-militants have systematically targeted religious minorities in the Middle East, playing directly into sectarian divides to assert their ideology of hate.

Daesh has argued that only its VERSION of the Truth, its DOGMA, and its sets of rules are worthy, and that all those who dare reject its indoctrination should be eliminated. What Daesh is running is a genocidal narrative. What Daesh is preaching is a grand religious holocaust which would spell the death of all people of the Book, including Muslims.

While most media continue to play into the accepted belief that Daesh is Islamic, it is indeed NOT. How can it be Islamic when its militants are calling for the deaths of Muslims? How can this logic hold true is beyond me.

Today however the truth has eventually been laid bare … interestingly enough it is Daesh itself which exposed its agenda, telling the world about its true intentions: killing all Muslims.

Islam today does not have a radicalization problem, it has a Wahhabist problem. Muslims today are not in danger of being radicalized, they stand to fall prey to Wahhabism – a dogma which has dressed up its narrative as Islamic while really it stands in utter negation of its principles.

Daesh calls for sectarian hate – Islam calls for tolerance, freedom of religions and social cohesion.

Daesh rationalizes rape, murder and slavery  – Islam denounces such acts of barbarism absolutely.

Daesh has called all Shia Muslims apostates … Do you know what being a Shiite even means? Do you know that Shia means follower of … ? And that therefore being a Shiite means you are a follower of Islam, that you have pledged yourself to Islam’s message, and those who spoke its truth: Prophet Mohammed and his blessed House.

There is no divide in Islam, only that which Wahhabis invented on account it matched their hegemonic ambitions. Islam does not stand divided, Islam cannot be divided as its message is One — one creed, one faith, one God, one prophet, one message … the last message.

It needs to be said that among the religious furore Wahhabis have generated by dissecting Islam’s many communities, it is the voice of Shia Islam which has always and systematically called for reason and tolerance.

Shia Islam is not a sect, it is not a deviation, it is not a parody of and it is not an apostasy. Shiites are the witness to the oath of Ghadeer, they are the people of Imam Ali – they are a community of men and women who to the last one, will continue to honor the command of their prophet, when he called in Ghadeer for his son-in-law, cousin and brother in faith: Imam Ali, to rise as Islam’s guardian.

Shiites do not, as Wahhabis have claimed reject the Sunna of the Prophet (Sunna meaning example, rule, guidance). Many would argue that Shiites are the Sunna of the Prophet since they held true to his last wishes.

Daesh’s propaganda is the fabrication. Daesh is the apostasy and it is time we learn to recognize it.

Until we learn to call our enemies by their name and identify their objectives how can we hope to defeat them?

The answer to radicalization is rather simple: oppose and denounce Wahhabism – this devolution Riyadh continues to hold as its state religion.

The world is at war with an ideology it can’t even identify, fighting those communities it should be aligning with. Muslims have just as much to lose in this fight against Daesh as anyone else. It is their lands after all which are burning bright red.

By Catherine Shakdam for Shafaqna








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