dallasnews.com/ Self-driving cars not that far away

SHAFAQNA – Google and automakers are moving rapidly toward creating driverless cars. In a recent report, IHS Automotive said automakers seem mostly interested in adding driver-assist technology incrementally as the systems are developed.

In the meantime, Google is focusing on fully autonomous vehicles that can operate without drivers — so-called level 5 vehicles.

IHS predicts that 12 million self-driving vehicles will ply the world’s highways by 2035. Sometime after 2050, nearly all cars and commercial vehicles will be fully autonomous, IHS says.

“Google’s path goes through low-speed testing of self-driving cars in restricted areas beginning in 2015 and lasting three to five years,” said Egil Juliussen, director of driver-assistance systems at IHS Automotive in Southfield, Mich.

“The next stage is small-scale deployment of low-speed L5 self-driving vehicles in campus-like environments and cities beginning in about 2020.”

Juliussen says autonomous vehicles will have a “tremendous impact” on the auto industry and on sales, possibly adding another 50 years of growth.

“Without these advancements, it is possible that the auto industry could stagnate in 10 to 15 years,” he said.

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