David Cameron calls on UK Muslims to act if they suspect someone of being an extremist

SHAFAQNA - British Muslims must report concerns about family members or friends becoming radicalised or they risk allowing a terror attack in Britain as deadly as the one in Tunisia, David Cameron has said.

In a passionate intervention, the Prime Minister said that Muslims in the UK “need to act” if relatives are seeing extremist preachers or visiting radical websites.

He also used a statement in the Commons to warn that the government must “raise our game” and ensure that Muslims “want to integrate” into British society.

The Prime Minister also said that Britain will on Friday observe a national minute’s silence for the victims of the Tunisian beach massacre, David Cameron said.

A total of 38 people, including up to 30 Britons, died in the attack, which terror group Isil has claimed responsibility for.

Asked about the possibility of an attack on British soil by a radicalised Muslim, Mr Cameron said: “It reinforces the point that because you’re not necessarily dealing with a network, that anybody who has any information about someone who is going wrong, who is getting radicalised, who is visiting either extremist preachers or looking at extremism online.

“Anyone who is worried about that needs to act, because otherwise it could end in the way that it has in the last few days.”

The Prime Minister also warned that there are Muslim organisations in Britain that “think a caliphate may not be such a bad idea”.

The Prime Minister said that British holidaymakers are not being advised to stay away from Tunisia’s coastal resorts despite the bloody events seen in Sousse.

He added: “Here in the UK, the threat level remains severe, meaning a terrorist attack is highly likely. But until we have defeated this threat, we must resolve as a country to carry on living our lives alongside.”

Mr Cameron vowed to “confront the evil” of Islamist extremism and warned of a “generational struggle between a minority of extremists who want hatred to flourish and the rest of us who want freedom to prosper”.

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