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How to deal with difficult situations?

SHAFAQNA – In a letter to the famous Islamic scholar Sheikh Toosi (RA), a person called him dog. Sheikh wrote back: Brother, the more I think; I cannot find the characteristics of the animal you called me by it in myself. That animal has claws, and I do not have them, that animal has sharp teeth and tail; I do not have them, etc. Sheikh Toosi wrote the letter when he was a government minister at the time and could deal with that person any way he wanted, but instead he chose to reply to his letter politely. And the reply was written in the same letter of that person, so that no one could keep that letter as evidence against that person.

These are the beautiful side of the human being and if someone is after the height of beauty, must seek it within himself/herself; there is nothing going on outside. There is nothing wrong for a person to stand in front of the mirror for hours and look after himself/herself; but some time is also needed to look at the spiritual side of oneself and look at own deeds which form his/her face. If you could see that face, then God says: Between the east and the west you will escape from yourself! All our deeds have Barzakhi faces; even reflections, imaginations, intentions, wishes; and therefore, it has been said: On the Day of Judgment people will be resurrected according to their intentions [1].

[1] hasan ameli (the official channel of Ayatollah Seyyed Hassan Ameli).

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