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Death is a reality

SHAFAQNA – It is narrated from Imam Baqir (AS) who said: I heard from Jaber ibn Abdullah who said: One day the Prophet of Islam (PBUH) who was riding a camel was passing near our group at the time when he was returning from Hajjatul Weda’a (last Hajj). When he reached us, he stopped and greeted us (said Salaam), and then said: What happened that I see the love of this world has dominated most people to the level that it seems the death in this world (dying; departure from this world) has been registered in other people’s names?

And it seems the truth and the reality in this world is Wajib for others and not for them, or as if they have not heard or seen the death of their predecessors, although their route is the same as other passengers and soon they will return to them (meaning, the dead people). The houses of those dead ones will be their graves, and they will inherit them, and these people think after those dead ones, they will last for ever! Never, never! Shouldn’t those who come in future learn lessons from their predecessors? Truly, they have forgotten the warnings given in the God’s Book, and they do not fear the bad consequences or calamities and unpleasant events, and consider themselves to be safe from all that [1].

Some people may say that they accept death but inside do not accept that one day we all have to depart from this world to the world of Barzakh (a world between this world and the hereafter), and enter a strange and unfamiliar world; and in there, the human being is not able to do anything to save himself/herself. In this world we can do many things to save ourselves, like pray to God, serve other people, carry out good deeds, spend in the way of charity, etc. But when we depart from this world, our hands are tied and there is no way to save ourselves. Therefore, the human being must try and believe really that death is a reality and will happen to anyone and anything.

[1] Al-Shafi, Page 821.

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