Denying illness at pre-marriage ceremony and the right of dissolving Nikah/the Grand Ayatollah Shahroodi’s answers

SHAFAQNA – The Grand Ayatollah Shahroodi answered questions about denying illness at the pre-marriage ceremony and the right of dissolving Nikah.

Question: The woman and her family ask the man and his family if he has an illness or not. They reply that he is healthy and has no illness. After marriage and especially when the woman is pregnant, it becomes clear in tests that the man had hepatitis or jaundice and has transferred it to the woman and the family of the man knew about it.

  1. Can this be counted as deceit?
  2. Has the woman the right to dissolve the Nikah?
  3. How the woman’s dowry is calculated?

The Grand Ayatollah Shahroodi:

  1. If at the time of Nikah or before it the condition is set for that illness and the Nikah is dependent on it, the woman has the right to dissolve on the basis of deceit.
  2. It became clear from the previous answer.
  3. In the marriage is consummated, the woman deserves full dowry.


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