Description of the hypocrites by infallible Imams (AS)

SHAFAQNA – Replying to a letter from Mohammad ibn Fadhil who had asked a question, Imam Reza (AS) described the hypocrites by referring to Ayahs 142 and 143 of Surah Al-Nesa. Imam (AS) also said: The hypocrites are neither from disbelievers (Kafirs) nor from believers, and they are not from Muslims; they pretend to believe, but their lives are based on disbelief and denial of God; they are deprived from God’s mercy (they are cursed by God) [1]. Regarding the characteristics of the hypocrite, Imam Sajjad (AS) said: The hypocrite acts opposite of what other people prohibit, and enjoins others to deeds which he/she does not practice; the hypocrite performs Salaat but without paying attention to God, bows but without paying any attention or courtesy to God; all his/her efforts during the 24 hours are for eating and sleeping. When the hypocrite speaks, he/she lies, and if you trust him/her, will betray you; will talk maliciously behind your back, and if he/she makes a promise, will break it [2].

[1] Al-Kafi, Vol. 2, page 396.

[2] As Above, Page 397.

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