Desecration of a mosque in the Netherlands

SHAFAQNA- Shabestan news agency quoted from some Arabic sources that some unknown men have made a sketch of a broken cross on the wall of a mosque located in Breda, the northern city of Netherlands.

Through this initiative, the racists have desecrated a mosque and police have started investigating the incident.

AncaVidovic, a researcher from Amsterdam University in Netherlands, said that at present time the country is facing racist’s attacks against mosques which are being conducted due to fear of the rise in Islamism.

He added that racist generally attack the mosques on approximately 11 to 13 times per year, these includes burning and demolishing the mosques, throwing a pig head in mosques, and writing humiliating texts. He wrote a book on this topic called “Islamophobia and Discrimination”.

He said that most of these attacks are in response to national and international events and the prediction about increase or decrease in these attacks is not easy.

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