Details of the pleasures of the Islamic Art

SHAFAQNA – According to IBNA correspondent, the book by Ms. Canby, a researcher of the Islamic Arts mostly reflecting the spirit of the Muslim artists in creating those works has been translated by ‘Afsungar Farasat’ and published by Mirdashti Publications.

Sheila Canby is well-known to Iranian scholars and ‘Islamic Art in Detail’ is the seventh of her books translated into Persian. Contrary to many western art scholars and orientalists, she does not describe the main structures of the Islamic arts based on restrictions imposed on Muslims but enters the world of these artists with a positive, supportive view and speaks of the sweet delicacies and pleasures they gain in their styles.

The writer remarks on the dual interpretation of paintings and the detailed spaces as well as the ban on painting living figures as such: “A theory exists on the subject of the Islamic arts that illustrating figures is banned in it; this is where nothing is mentioned about it anywhere to be found in the Quran. There is also nothing as such mentioned in hadiths quoted from Prophet Mohammad (PBUH).”

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