The difference between Islamic and Satanic values in wars

SHAFAQNA – In year 37 AH, Imam Ali (AS) advised his army before the start of the Saffain’s War: Do not start the war, until the enemy has started the war. If you fight them and win, do not kill their escapees, and do not kill any of their wounded ones. If you reach their camp, do not take any of their possessions except from their military base. If you reach the enemy’s camp, do not enter any house, do not harm any woman, even if that woman insults me or your family, do not harm her [1]. In year 131 AH, Abu Is’haq Ibrahim, known as Ibrahim Imam, the leader of Abbasid movement advised the commanders of his army: Kill any one you suspect, even if you suspect a child whose height is more than five span of your hand (each span of one hand is about 22.5 cm), kill him as well. Do as I advise you [2].

[1] Nahjul Balaghah, Letter 14.

[2] Al-Kamel Fe Tarikh, Vol. 5, Page 348.

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