Display of love and devotion in Karbala

SHAFAQNA – The late Allamah Majlesi (RA) wrote: I saw in a narration that when Wahab (RA) who was a person of eminence in Ashura entered the war zone killed 12 cavalry and 24 infantry of the enemy’s army. This indicates that he was very strong. When he dealt with the enemy, he came near the tent of his mother and said: Are you satisfied mother? Do you love me? His mother replied: I love you son, but I am satisfied with you when you sacrifice your life for the son of the Prophet (PBUH); my son do not return. His mother continued: You are a present to Hussain (AS), go. Wahab (RA) returned to the war zone, and fought hard, and eventually his head was cut off by the cursed enemy.

The enemy wanted to torment his mother and young wife (Wahab, his young wife, and his mother were from a Christian family, they had no one else; and in a place met Imam Hussain (AS) and converted to Islam just before Ashura), they cut Wahab’s head and threw it towards his mother’s tent. Wahab’s mother came out of the tent, looked at his son’s head, lifted the head and kissed it, and wiped the dust off the head, and said: Mother loves you, but what can I do? I cannot take back the present I have given. Therefore, I return this present, and gave back the head, and said: We do not take back what we have given in the way of Allah (SWT).

Wahab’s mother filled with love and devotion took the vertical pillar of the tent and came out to fight the enemy. Imam Hussain (AS) said: Return this lady to her tent, and then said: It is not Wajib for you to fight here. Whilst she was going back, the enemy hit her with an arrow, and she was martyred. But Wahab’s wife came near the body of her husband, and was rubbing his blood all over the body. Shemr saw her and was worried her act may affect others; so he ordered and she was martyred next to her husband. As the late Allamah Majlesi (RA) wrote: She was the first lady to be martyred in Karbala [1].

[1] Beharul Anwaar, Vol. 45, Page 16.

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