Dr Michel Chossudovsky – Terror is made in the USA

SHAFAQNA – Prominent academic, author  and director of the Centre for Research on Globalization, Dr Michel Chossudovsky warned that the so-called war on terror is but a front to propagate America’s global hegemony and create a New World Order.

Dr Chossudovsky said terrorism has been created by the U.S. to empower its imperialist agenda and in now way represents the Muslim world.

Elaborating on his argument, Dr Chossudovsky said that NATO was responsible for recruiting members of the Islamic state while Israel is funding “global jihad elements inside Syria”.

Dr Chossudovsky, further emphasized that the global war on terrorism is a fabrication, a big lie and a crime against humanity. He wrote in a report, The Obama administration has embarked upon the ultimate war crime, a Worldwide military adventure, “a long war”, which threatens the future of humanity.”

Echoing Dr Chossudovsky’s arguments, Malaysia’s prominent political scientist, Islamic reformist and activist Dr Chandra Muzaffar said that the U.S. has always manipulated religion to further its global hegemony on sovereign states.

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