Dr.Shehabi :UK Interests cannot be secured by dictators but through democracy

SHAFAQNA (Exclusive) – A political commentator says the British government should not guard its interests through backing the Al Khalifa regime in Bahrain. Saeed Shehabi, with the Bahrain Freedom Movement from London said in an interview with Press TV that Britain should seek to secure it interests through promoting democracy and human rights in Bahrain. “Interests cannot be secured by dictators but through democracy,” the analyst said.

Terrorism is a direct result of dictatorships and tyrannical regimes operating across the Arab states of the Persian Gulf region, he added. The analyst further stressed that these monarchies have fueled extremism, tribalism and sectarian division across the troubled Middle East region. Shehabi suggested that the British movement work closely with other European countries to stop the ongoing human rights violations in Bahrain.

He strongly criticized Britain’s unconditional support for the Bahraini regime, saying the British government has been pursuing its colonial agenda across the region in recent decades. Commenting on a recent decision by Britain to reopen a Bahrain navy base as an operational hub, the analyst said that the operation would cost much higher than what has been publicly said on both sides.

He said in his twitter :” UKs decision to build naval base in Bahrain is rebuke to Parliamentary Foreign Rel Com call to designate Bahrain country of concern” added ” On 29th Oct, UK’s Prison Inspection team was in Bahrain. Few days later, Hassan AlSheikh tortured to death, torture in police car”

In an agreement with the Bahraini regime, the UK military is to return to its former naval base in the Persian Gulf country after 40 years, in a bid to use it as the Royal Navy’s largest operations center outside Britain.

The Naval Support Activity Bahrain (or NSA Bahrain) in Manama is a former installation of the Royal Navy, transferred to the US government in 1971, when Britain withdrew from the Persian Gulf. The NSA Bahrain is homeport to the US Fifth Fleet and headquarters to the US Naval Forces Central Command in the region.

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