DyFM: ISIS a product of complicated intelligence activities of western countries

Hussein Amir-Abdullahian, in a meeting with Egyptian media delegation here on Wednesday, said that Iran welcomes development of ties with Egypt.

SHAFAQNA– Tehran, Sept 25– Deputy Foreign Minister in Arab and North African Affairs said ISIS is a product of complicated intelligence activities of western countries to make disunity among Muslims and the group is serving the Zionist regime goals.

He said Iran’s strategic view on Egypt is upon depth of history, civilization and religion and Egypt is an important country in the Arab and Islamic world.

Amir-Abdullahian added we are interested to see Egyptian people to pass current challenges and find their real position and role in helping settle regional and international problems.

Criticizing dual behavior of extra-regional countries on issues such as democracy and terrorism, the deputy foreign minister underlined Iran’s transparent approach and function in fight against terrorism in the region, including Iraq and Syria.

He praised Egypt stances against terrorism in Syria and Iraq and reminded necessity of close cooperation between influential countries in the region to create a kind of convergence in the region to fight against terrorists without interference of aliens.

Amir-Abdullahian called Iran and Egypt as two important and independent states and said bilateral political ties as well as economic and cultural cooperation are growing.

He underlined continuation of such cooperation, adding that Iran welcomes every initiative in strengthening bilateral cooperation with Egypt.

Concerning recent development in Yemen, Ami-Abdullahian said we have good relations with all Yemeni sides and consider their participation in the government useful, so we support political compromise in the country.

In the meeting, the Egyptian delegation presented their views on developments in the region as well as ties between Iran and Egypt and underlined necessity of developing ties between the two countries.




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