Dying Thar: Shafaqna Exclusive

SHAFAQNA (Shia International News

While Pakistan has taken a stiff stance on the cold blooded murder of 136 children in Army Public School in Peshawar couples of week ago, Thar children are dying by famine and hunger. There is a well known saying that “ Death by hunger is no better than death by bullet”. While entire Pakistan showed huge hue and cry, anger and grief over the young loss in Peshawar, they are quite oblivious to the deaths in Thar. Why a double standard on deaths of minor in both the cases. The sorry state of Thar shows that either Pakistan considers Thar not a part of Pakistan or simply disowns Thar children as some foreign entity.

While mourning and groaning continues on Peshawar incidents, Bulks of op-eds, opinions and sad stories cover a huge space in print, electronic and social media, no one bothered to cover dying Thar Children. Is it not a height of hypocrisy? When it comes to Thar children no military personnel and political elite bothered to take necessary action to prevent minor deaths. What an impunity that CM Sindh is quite adamant to confess that there is severe drought in Thar, rather he said that there is no famine in Thar. Why all the culprits not brought to justice for 238 deaths in Thar. Who will take action against responsible? Dying Thar children are questioning…Main Kis k Hath apna Lahoo Talash kroon.

Fayyaz Ahmed Mughal



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