Eating Fish While Pregnant: Benefits Outweigh Risks, Experts Advise

SHAFAQNA – Prior warnings suggesting that pregnant women should avoid eating fish have been largely doused in cold water today, as a new in-depth study brings to light evidence suggesting the exact opposite. Rich in protein and Omega-3 fatty acids, regular intake of fish has been found to benefit an unborn infant’s health significantly by boosting soft tissue development and building defenses against mercury poisoning.

“This research provided the opportunity to study the role of polyunsaturated fatty acids on development and their potential to augment or counteract the toxic properties of mercury,” wrote study author and Human Nutrition Professor, Sean Strain.

“The findings indicate that the type of fatty acids a mother consumes during pregnancy may make a difference in terms of their child’s future neurological development.”

Debate as to whether it is in fact safe or not for women to consume fish during pregnancy has raged for decades, ever since the risks associated with mercury consumption were first brought to the public’s attention. In this instance however, experts are adamant that the benefits associated with Omega-3 fatty acid vastly surpass any potential risks, with the likelihood of mercury poisoning being so inherently low.

“It appears that the relationship between fish nutrients and mercury may be far more complex than previously appreciated,” adds co-author Phillip Davidson.

“These findings indicate that there may be an optimal balance between the different inflammatory properties of fatty acids that promote fetal development and that these mechanisms warrant further study.”

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