Economic murder: Shafaqna Exclusive


Like summer, in winter Pakistan is also facing an unprecedented wave of loadshedding across the country. It is said that it is one hour package that is after every hour there is load shedding for one hour. Major urban centres are facing the same amount of loadshedding that semi-urban and rural areas have suffered in the last few years. Loadshedding, coupled with a scorching heat wave has made life miserable for people who can’t afford generators. The economic costs of loadshedding are well-known but the societal impact of loadshedding still needs to be investigated. The burgeoning class divide in Pakistan can be characterised by the means used by people to cope with the shortage of electricity. The rich can afford generators, while the middle class opts for UPS (uninterrupted power supply source) devices, while those who can’t afford either of these luxuries have nothing to turn to – and continue to suffer.

According to an estimate 1/3 population of Pakistan’s earning is directly linked to electricity and most of the shop keepers are dependent on electricity like welders, tailors, electricians, washer men, constructors and so many others. Due to rampant load shedding these people are even unable to earn both ends meet for their children. Even in winter season the use of electricity in Pakistan is quite less yet people are facing loadshedding with same intensity as in summer. This is economic murder of the working class in Pakistan.

Fayyaz Ahmed Mughal

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