EDITORIAL – Answering Yemen’s call

SHAFAQNA – As we are all aware Yemen has been gripped by a devastating war on its civilian population by the tyrannical regime of Saudi Arabia.

We, at Shafaqna realise that Yemen is not the only nation in the grip of wars – countless others stand today under the vengeful blade of Terror … But none like Yemen have been left under such abject violence and despair.

Yemen sits today alone in the darkness without any friends to help it carry the burden of Resistance. We cannot help but look onto Yemen and remember a time when Muslims in Medina stood under such a vengeful siege …

Will we deny assistance when assistance is what Yemen has called for?

We remember how our Imam called and none answered then … Can we then deny Yemen when it faces the same evil our Imam sacrificed himself to oppose? Can we pretend that Yazid has not in fact returned? Will we speak truth or cower away?

Ask yourself what you would give for your Imams and your prophet and tell us you cannot spare Yemen the courtesy of a thought.

Yemen is fighting with everything it has, so that nations would learn to think themselves free again.

Alongside Bahrain, Syria and Iraq, Yemen has risen a grand resistance against the evil of Wahhabism to reclaim Freedom as an inalienable human right.

How can we allow powers to enslave those God declared free? None of us are free when our brothers and sisters remain in shackles. Beyond matters of faith, politics and ethnicity we all aspire to live free and dignified. When all is said and done, who are we but God’s creation?

Wahhabism is an abomination onto humanity we ought to denounce together.

Our faith commands that we do. Al Muhammad were martyred for they held true to such command. Will we deny them when we say to follow them, and the tradition they embody?

It was Imam Ali who brought Islam to Yemen and in three days accomplished what none ever could – He made unbending Yemen kneel to the Word. It is such oath of allegiance Riyadh wants to disappear.

Let’s not allow the poisoned sword of Wahhabism to claim Yemen the way it did our Imam. Let’s not allow for the legacy of Al-Muhammad to be challenged when we, their people have still a breath in our lungs.

Yemen has been starved, millions have been displaced and over 50% of Yemen total population has lived under what the united nations calls a state of emergency crisis, the majority of regional powers as well as Western capitals have done very little to assist this oppressed nation. Thousands have sacrificed their lives to the Resistance, millions face famine because Saudi Arabia wished it so.

Freedom is an unalienable right!

Shafaqna Editorial Team



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