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EDITORIAL: Quebec Mosque attack – Violence and hate can never be the answer

SHAFAQNA – Shafaqna would like to extend its most sincere condolences to the family of the victims of Quebec Mosque’s attack this Monday January 30th, 2017. We absolutely and categorically reject any form of violence or aggression against any, and all religious communities on account of a misconstrued sense of righteous superiority.

Islam stands in negation of religious oppression full stop. There could be no instance when religious persecution, or any form of sectarianism can ever be rationalised, never mind justified.

It is in such time of fear and instability that we ought to exercise reason and tolerance. Violence and hatred cannot be met in kind, we ought to offer which is better if we are in fact to rise above the fray.

Rumours now have circulated in social media and certain outlets alleging that Quebec attack was engineered by members of the Muslim community against a particular school of thought.

Shafaqna wanted to make abundantly clear that such behaviours, and line of thoughts go against the teachings of both Sunni and Shia Islam. Regardless of one’s affiliations or loyalties, such indiscriminate attacks on the innocent are criminal.

We will continue to stand in solidarity with those who stand in oppression and advocate justice.

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