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Edmonton Woman Hopes to Replace Hate with Flowers, Smiles


A Muslim woman in Edmonton Canada is bringing love to an LRT platform she says was filled with hate early last month.

Janelle Venne is holding an event called “This Is For You” at the University of Alberta LRT station where two women wearing hijabs allege they were approached by a man holding a noose on November 8 and said to them “This is for you”.

Venne said she will be at the platform on Tuesday morning handing out flowers to friends of Hijabs in Edmonton.

“We decided to fight apathy and to fight hatred of any kind, including Islamophobia and we’ve decided to be on the right side of history. We wanted to send a very clear message that racists don’t speak for everyone and their hateful stories can be drowned out by consistent effort and the way of acceptance,” said Venne.

“I hope to see a lot of smiles and a huge diverse crowd to help out to hand out these flowers because obviously I can’t do this alone and actually I haven’t done this alone.”

Venne said she’s already received tons of support, including kind words from the Alberta Muslim Public Affairs Council (AMPAC).

AMPAC vice president of external affairs Nakita Valerio said it’s gestures like the one Venne is giving with the flowers that make Muslims feel welcome and accepted.

“We basically just wanted to put some weight behind what Janelle was doing, let her know that it is a beautiful gesture and a wonderful way to counter a lot of the Islamophobia we’ve been seeing lately,” said Valerio.


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