Egyptian President al-Sisi refuses to attack Iran and ask Assad to step down

SHAFAQNA (Exclusive)- Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi refused interview published in the Saudi newspaper Okaz on Wednesday, October 29th, attacking Iran, He also refused to deal with the demand that asks Syrian President Bashar al-Assad the to step-down He said: “We want strong Syria, and the Syrian people determines their governed.”

Observers see Egyptian president, who announced this explicitly position, as another setback for the policy in the region for Saudi Arabia as they lost in Yemen, especially after the recent events. Al-Sisi got support from King of Saudi Arabia in the coup in July 2013 against the elected President Mohamed Morsi, the Muslim Brotherhood.

Saudi Arabia has supported, according to al-Sisi, Egypt after the coup more than twenty billion dollars. One of the main reasons which justified the support of Saudi Arabia coup against Mohammed Morsi, was that the latter and his group of the Muslim Brotherhood were obey with Iran against the Gulf states, according to the propaganda put forward by the official media.Observers believe that the main reason for the support of Saudi Arabia for a coup in Egypt, is that Saudi refuses any democratic transition in any Arab country, fearing that extends to them, stressing that this started many years before the Arab Spring since, based on notes of Defense Minister Algerian Khaled Nizar, who canceled legislative elections in Algeria after the victory of the Islamists in 1992, where he said that the Saudi king former Fahd Abdulaziz gave advice that to deal with the winners of the elections through a policy of “stick”, as Algeria’s support of three billion dollars at that time, despite the fact that the Kingdom had just gone out of Gulf War and heavily indebted. “

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