Egypt’s Dar-al-Ifta Condemns Desecration of Quran in Canada

SHAFAQNA- The Islamophobia Watch, affiliated to Egypt’s Dar-al-Ifta slammed recent desecration of the Quran in Canada and welcomed Canadian premier’s comments in condemnation of anti-Islamic moves.

The Dar-al-Ifta called on far-right extremists to move toward more tolerance in dealing with the North American country’s Muslim minority and opt for policies that support peaceful coexistence and respect among followers of different faiths.

It also called on Muslim institutes in Canada to make efforts to ensure security for the Muslim minority.

In late March, anti-Islam protesters desecrated a copy of the Quran in Ontario, Canada.

They ripped a Quran and walked over its torn pages during an Ontario school board meeting as they demanded that Muslim students be banned from praying at school.

At the meeting — held by Peel District School Board in Mississauga, Ont. — a group of enraged parents pressed the board to end what they called religious accommodation. They presented a petition signed by 600 people that wants to stop students from gathering at school for about 15 minutes each Friday for Jummah prayers.

The meeting derailed when the school board, which must provide accommodation under the Ontario Human Rights Code, said they would not address the issue at this meeting.

The act of desecration came two months after six people were killed and another 18 wounded after a gunmen opened fire at a mosque in Québec City, in an act condemned as a “terrorist attack” by Canada’s prime minister.

More than 50 people were at the Québec City Islamic cultural center, also known as the Grande Mosquée de Québec, for evening prayers when shooting erupted in the two-story building.

Speaking in parliament, prime minister Justin Trudeau said that the victims were targeted simply because of their religion and spoke directly to the more than 1 million Muslims who live in Canada, saying, “We are with you.”

“Thirty-six million hearts are breaking with yours,” Trudeau said. “Know that we value you.”

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