Eid of sacrifice

SHAFAQNA – In the nights of ninth and tenth of Zulhijjah (Dhul-Hijjah) it was revealed to Prophet Ibrahim (AS) that for the satisfaction of Allah (SWT) must take his son Ismail (AS) to Mina on the tenth day and sacrifice him. It was a great test, but both father and son passed the test with glory. Despite loving him a lot, Ibrahim (AS) took his son to Mina, and tied his hands and feet, and decided to sacrifice him according to God’s command. Ismail (AS) consoled his father and assured him that he had submitted to the will of Allah (SWT). But according to the will of God, the knife did not cut Ismail’s throat, and the command of God reached Ibrahim (AS): O’ Ibrahim; you have come out of Divine Test with glory, now free your child, and instead of Ismail, sacrifice this sheep which has been sent to you as a gift, sacrifice it. Ibrahim (AS) became really happy, and kissed his son, and instead of him, sacrificed the sheep which was sent to him from paradise. This day was called Eid-ul-Adha or Eid of sacrifice, and it is for centuries that Muslims following Ibrahim (AS) sacrifice sheep, cows or camels during Hajj or other occasions, and give them in the way of God [1].

[1] Tebyan Website, (25 November 2010).

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