En masse conversion to Islam at Imam Reza (AS) shrine

SHAFAQNA – Director of non-Iranian pilgrims Affairs of Imam Reza (AS) Holy Shrine confirmed on Tuesday in comments to the press that 12 foreign Christian tourists converted to Islam at the holy shrine in the outgoing Iranian year.
The new convert all originate from Europe and North America — eight women and four men.
The director of the holy shrine, Mohammad Javad Hasheminejad explained how the group felt compelled to convert to Islam after visiting the holy shrine. All previously familiarized themselves with Islam through reading. 
Hasheminejad said that 4,500,000 non-Iranian tourists have visited the holy shrine this year, among them around 100,000 tourists were not Muslim.
Around 25 million pilgrims visit Mashhad, venue of Imam Reza (AS) Holy Shrine, annually.

Islam remains the fastest growing religion in the world, ahead of Christianity and Judaism.

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