Engineering tensions in Calais and the promotion of hate against minorities

SHAFAQNA – Tensions in the seaport city of Calais in France have reached boiling point. Blame of course has been put down on war refugees  – the new minority to be feared and hated on account of their vulnerability.

While excuses have been many when it comes to why we should fear, hate, and legislate against war refugees, we have globally failed to understand how our lack of empathy could actually end up harming us.

War refugees are being preyed upon because they are economically disposable …. that and a good dose of unsavoury racism mixed with ethnocentrism. All those talks of Islamization and clashes of civilization have surfaced to rationalize economic ostracization, while desensitizing people to human suffering.

Such methods it needs to be noted have long been implemented by Zionist Israel vis a vis Palestinians and African refugees. This new brand of realpolitik has now been exported to Europe for size. From the look of things, I would say that people are responding … conditioned to hate, our society has been ever so quick to condemned those most vulnerable, labelling Islam of course the source of all unrest.

Only not all refugees are Muslims, and a faith cannot possibly be blamed for matters of politics and economics – not without such logic to turn against those who wield it.

Has anyone ever suggested for example that Christians are to be blame for Washington’s murderous streak: torture, rendition, sale of illegal weapons of war to autocracies across the world?

Have political analysts aligned colonialism with Christianity, arguing that the Bible preaches for the enslavement of people and communities? No! Why? Because it would be ridiculous to blame God for the horrors Men commit on their own on account of greed.

Islam has been declared an enemy by the globalist elite for its teachings inherently an absolutely oppose tyranny, while urging people to fear not men or systems, but God himself. “Fear not men but fear me,” reads the Quran.

Governments today wish you to fear the ruling elite absolutely and unconditionally – to achieve such a system one would need to destroy religion altogether, and replace the concept of the divine by the adoration of the worldly.

Religious minorities have become a target for their faith in God offers salvation, away from the reach of greedy capitalists. Religious minorities have become a target because they remain unbending to globalists’ agenda.

Ultimately the ruling elite would love to create one unified society which it will control, exploit and utilize as one would a tool.

Calais is really only the first step towards a grander population re-engineering and re-aligning in Europe.

By Catherine Shakdam for Shafaqna


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