Ethiopia muslim “martyr” among those killed by ISIS

SHAFAQNA – According to Naija 24 news Reported that Mohammed Aman-Jemal, President of the Ethiopian Muslim Affairs Supreme Council, Ethiopians and hundreds of grieving relatives have condemned the beheading of two Ethiopians by Islamic State militants in Libya. He said on Wednesday in Addis Ababa that slayings committed by the terrorists in Libya are a shocking deed that stands contrary to the teachings of the Holy Koran. Tadros Adhanom, Ethiopian Foreign Minister, said there were Ethiopians among the traffickers that set desperate migrants on dangerous journeys towards Europe. “You traffickers have blood in your hands,” he said. “Haven’t you had enough, don’t you have feelings for your fellow brothers and sisters,’’ he added. Ethiopia’s House of Representatives also opened an emergency session with a minute’s silence, before voting to observe three days of national mourning and fly the Ethiopian flag at half mast from Wednesday. Some lawmakers cited Islamic verses preaching tolerance and highlighted the centuries-long tradition of religious co-existence in a country.

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