Ethiopian Muslims mourn their dead after ISIS massacre

SHAFAQNA – Ethiopia’s Islamic Affairs Supreme Council has called for dedicating weekly prayers on Friday to condemning the purported murder of around 30 of their countrymen by ISIS in Libya.

“This Friday’s prayer is dedicated to the innocent Ethiopians killed and executed in Libya,” council chief Sheikh Mohammed Amin Jemal told a press conference on Thursday.

“This massacre violates all religious doctrines, including that of Islam,” he added.

“The killing of humans is the most despicable [act]; it has no place in Islam,” Jemal said, going on to urge Muslims to pray for the victims.

“The mosque imams will teach the doctrines of Islam that promote peaceful co-existence with followers of other religions and describe the killings as a barbaric act,” he added.

Council deputy chief Umer Yimam, for his part, called for promoting religious tolerance.

“Friday will be a big day for us as we pray for the victims,” he said. “We are deeply disturbed by the inhumane incident that happened in Libya.”

He added: “We will not let this barbaric act, made under the guise of Islam, erode our culture of religious tolerance.”

“We need to educate our citizens to help them better understand the genuine doctrines of Islam,” Yimam said.


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