EU adviser: Americans against another war in Iraq

SHAFAQNA (Shia International News Association)- The head of the Institute for International and Security Affairs in Berlin Volker Perthes says that the Republican control over the Senate is ineffective on Obama’s policies toward Syria and Iraq.

Following the victory of the Republicans over the Congress in the American midterm elections, some experts and analysts believe that this would lead to the US more aggressive policies toward ISIL in the region which would pave the way for America’s military presence in the region and the West’s military intervention in Syria.

Regarding the impact of Republican dominance over the Congress on Obama’s policies toward ISIL, EU adviser and the head of the International Security Affairs in Berlin Volcker Perthes said “of course I don’t know about the future, but I don’t think that the Republican dominance in Senate can be translated into president Obama’s policy change in Syria and Iraq.”

He said that American-led anti-ISIL coalition was another show by US and its allies to achieve their aggressive goals in the region.

“It is a new scenario raised by the US and its allies to destroy a US-created terrorist group to provide a situation under which they can pursue their long-term goals in the region,” he said on the sidelines of a meeting aimed at studying regional developments by fighting against ISIL (European-Iranian view) in the Middle East Center for Strategic Studies.

On the possibility of American more aggressive policy toward ISIL after GOP control on Senate, Volker Perthes said that even Americans who voted for the Republicans opposed sending American troops to Middle East once again in fear of experiencing the same events occurred in Iraq after 2003.

Pointing to the unwillingness of the majority of American people to enter another war in the region, Perthes said “I think the majority of Americans do not want to repeat the experience of Iraq war after 2003,” adding that “I guess the Republicans will support Obama’s policies toward Iraq and Russia and his refusal to deploy ground troops to Middle East. But this is different with respect to Afghanistan because they do not want to stop their support for new Afghan government.”




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