EU urged alliance with Muslim world to fight ISIL

SHAFAQNA – The European Union (EU) has called for a joint mission with Muslim countries to fight the mounting threat of Takfiri terrorism.

“I’ve always said it is not an issue between Europe or the West and Islam. Terrorism and terrorist attacks are targeting most of all Muslims in the world so we need an alliance, we need a dialogue there to face the issue together,” said Federica Mogherini, EU foreign policy chief, during an EU ministerial summit in Brussels on Monday.

“We need to share information more, we need to cooperate more also among member states on the security level and we’ll discuss that,” she added.

Meanwhile, Arab League Secretary General Nabil al-Arabi, who also attended the talks, said that the fight against Takfiri terrorism is more a cultural than military issue.

“It is not just a military or security issue, it covers the intellectual, cultural, media and religious spheres and that is what we are trying to get,” Arabi pointed out.

The EU meeting came less than two weeks after France was hit by a series of terrorist attacks last week. On January 7, gunmen attacked the Paris office of the French satirical magazine, Charlie Hebdo, killing 12 people and wounding 11 others. The attack was largely believed to have been launched over the weekly’s previous cartoons of the Prophet of Islam.

The incident was followed by a series of sieges and shootings across Paris, resulting in the killing of more people and an extensive sense of insecurity in the country.





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