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The Event of Harrah & Imam Ali Al-Sajjad (A.S.)

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SHAFAQNA-Trusted historical documents state that the illegal and unjust event of Karbala had shaken the Islamic world to its roots, specially in Iran. This excitement was partially responsible for allowing Bani Abbas to overpower the Ummayyad dynasty.

Yazeed who had abandoned prayer and was an alcoholic; had engaged in marriage with sisters and daughters; played with dogs; his actions and murder of Imam Hussain (as) sent waves of revolution in Medina. In the year 62, the people of Medina declared Abdullah ibn Khandhala as their leader, and deported the governor appointed by Yazeed, Uthman bin Mohammed bin Abi Sufyan.

It is stated in Tareekh al Khulafa, Khandhala said that we did not over throw Yazeed’s government in Medina, until the time we were sure that rocks would rain upon us from the sky. Article uncomplete.

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