Everlasting capital

SHAFAQNA – Nothing will last in this world forever and that is why the holy Quran invites human beings to save their wealth and capital from annihilation, and make a saving foundation which the passage of the day and the night will not destroy. The holy Quran advises human beings to use their wealth and capital in the way of God in order to attract Divine Satisfaction. In this regard, the first part of the Ayah 96 of Surah Al-Nahl says: “What is with you must vanish; what is with Allah (SWT) will last forever.”

It is also narrated from Imam Ali (AS) who said: Give in the way of Allah (SWT) what is destructible, and instead you attain what is everlasting [1]. Meaning, exchange your wealth and capital which are going to be destroyed with Divine Capital which are everlasting.

[1] Qorarul Hekam wa Dorarul Kalam, Hadith 8577.

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