Ex-govt religious affairs minister says remnants of Gen Zia behind terrorism

SHAFAQNA – Allama Hamid Saeed Kazmi, a well-known Sunni cleric and federal minister for religious affairs in PPP’s Government under ex-President Asif Zardari, has said that the remnants of former military dictator General Zia were involved in takfiri terrorism in all over Pakistan.

General Zia was U.S.-Saudi-allied military ruler of Pakistan since July 1977 to August 1988 and he made Pakistan an ally in the proxy war of the U.S.-led Western at the behest of Wahhabi-Salafi Saudi monarchy. Saudis and CIA hijacked the Afghan national resistance to USSR occupation and converted the Deobandis to Wahhabis illogical and intolerant ideology.

Hamid Saeed Kazmi, a Sunni Bralevi cleric was also victimized by the remnants of General Zia who implicated him in corruption cases for his anti-fanaticism and anti-terrorism policies during his tenure as religious affairs minister.

He said that enemies of Islam plotted to pit Sunni against Shia Muslims and they floated the hypothesis that Shia were being killed because they bring out mourning processions for Imam Hussain (AS) and Sunni were being killed because they bring out Eid Milad ul Nabi (PBUH) processions.

“But, Christians of Youhanabad Lahore were targeted while they were inside the churches. So what will be their theories to justify the massacre in Lahore,” he asked.

It is also relevant to add that Shia Muslims were also massacred inside their mosques and Imam Bargahs which were bombed by Wahhabis-allied Deobandi suicide bombers.

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