EXCLUSIVE: Aleppo Liberation: Internal Differences and Skepticism

SHAFAQNA –The evacuation process of thousands of Syrian civilians along with thousands of armed militants from the newly liberated Aleppo was under way on Thursday, as part of a ceasefire deal that would end years of militant occupation by terrorist factions, and mark a major victory for the Syrian Arab Army.

Hundreds of foreign-backed militants have now laid down their arms in Aleppo over the past week and almost 6,000 civilians have also left militant-held districts – northwest of city since Thursday.

The deal, brokered Thursday December 15, will see 4000 terrorists walk out from East Aleppo while 15,000 civilians will eventually leave the city of Foua and Kefraya in the Idlib province, which, for the past 3 years have suffered under the thumb of radicals. Until the Syrian Arab Army broke through Idlib remained under the control of Jabhat Fatah al-Sham, formerly known as al-Nusra.

The governor of the Syrian province of Hama stated Thursday that 29 buses and ambulances had been sent to the besieged cities of Foua and Kefraya in the Idlib province to evacuate civilians and wounded people.

Efforts to evacuate eastern Aleppo began earlier in the week with a truce brokered by Russia and Turkey, which has backed the militants inside East Aleppo. That agreement broke down following renewed fighting on Wednesday and the evacuation did not take place then as planned.

While the UN human rights chief stated on Thursday that there are reports that militants mainly Ahrar al Sham & Al Nusra were blocking civilians from fleeing Aleppo and using them as human shields, a legitimate question is to be asked:

Who else was inside the city?

According to Hezbollah sources, whose soldiers have instrumental in the liberation of east Aleppo confirmed there were more than 13 terrorist armed factions residing within the remaining districts of Aleppo:

1-Nour al-Din El Zinki Brigades
2-Nusra Front

3-Ahrar Al-sham
4-Jaysh Al Islam
5- Upright as ordered Brigade

  1. Al-sham corps
    7- Abu al-Amara
    8- Ottoman Caliphate Soldiers
    9-The Shamia Front
    10-Platoon 16–FSA
    11-Ansaruldin Front
    12-The elite task force
    13. Other factions of FSA.

The estimated number of militants present in the eastern neighborhoods of Aleppo – before the start of the military operation on November 20, 2016 stood at about 3000 armed militants, with 400 fightes belonging to the Nusra Front. Managing all these factions was one joint operations room linked to other smaller operation rooms also known as observatories for each faction separately distributed in different neighborhoods inside of east Aleppo.

Since the SAA moved against Aleppo over 100,000 civilians out of a total 122,000 have already been safely evacuated – beginning December 13, 2016.

Since 2012 Aleppo has been under the control of the FSA, Daesh and then FSA again, to finally see the Nusra Front takeover.Needless to say that the city endured a great deal.

The SAA reported that an estimated 400 terror militants died during the military operations, and several hundreds were wounded. All prisoners will now be duly process and handed to the authorities.

With the last militants on the run, Aleppo is finally free! Aleppo first fell in July 2012.

According to the military media (Hezbollah), military dynamics shifted after radicals began breaking up into splinters, thus allowing for the SAA to achieve major breakthroughs.

Below is a collection of videos and recordings highlighting some of the infighting which took place in between terror radicals during the battle for Aleppo.

One of the militants in Aleppo verbally attacking the leaders of factions and accuses them of theft and escape to Turkey.

Al Zinki militants denying that they will ever leave Aleppo, and then they are shown to be the first brigade that leaves the Hanano district.

Confusion and chaos among the militants inside the remaining districts in east of Aleppo. 

Confusion amongst Aleppo militants. This is what was narrated by an official of the so-called Al Hamza descendants as the defeat of the Factions. 

Aleppo factions accuses Nasra of trying to dominate the remain districts in the city.

The voice of one of the militants saying that their leaders have abandoned and fled and that they will have to leave Aleppo in the green buses.

One of the militant leaders weeping and calling for aid as a result of the progress of the Syrian Army inside Aleppo.

Recording of one of the officials of the free army in east Aleppo reveals how his leader stole the funds and ran.


By Marwa Osman exclusively for Shafaqna

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