EXCLUSIVE – Anti-Houthis forces collapse after Hadi leaves Yemen, Houthi leaders promise order will be restored throughout country

SHAFAQNA –Military sources in Taiz told Shafaqna under cover of anonymity that Ansarallah troops are making quick advances against former President Hadi’s forces in Yemen southern territories now that news of his departure have been confirmed.Following his resignation from the presidency in January 2015 and his subsequent escape to Aden – former capital of South Yemen – former President Hadi rose a veritable army against Ansarallah under the sponsorship of Saudi Arabia, arguing Seyyed Abdel Malek Al Houthi engineered a coup against his presidency to see his faction rise in power.

Ansarallah has always maintained that it only sought to establish a popular government, one representative of the people and not of foreign powers. Following weeks of aggravated tensions and fears Al Qaeda would exploit the power vacuum to further dig its heels in the impoverished nation, north and south Yemen came to a mighty clash.

Earlier this week and after Hadi and several of his officials threatened to strike Ansarallah in their home-province of Sa’ada – northern province of Yemen, which borders Saudi Arabia – Ansarallah troops, backed by units of the former Republican Guards, marched on the city of Taiz, a geo-strategic choke point. After Taiz fell, Ansarallah then marched on Aden, determined to reclaim Yemen integrity.

An Ansarallah official told Shafaqna on the phone, “Our fight is not with the people of Yemen, only with those factions which seek to divide and weaken Yemen to serve foreign powers’ agenda. The Saudis have poured hundreds of millions of dollars into Aden over the past weeks to prevent Yemen to fulfill its democratic aspirations. We want to unite Yemen and restore order.”

He added, “Our message has not change. Ever since we came to Sana’a [capital of Yemen] our demands have been the same. We want the Yemeni people to get the government they deserve. We want to build a stronger Yemen together, a Yemen where the strong do not have precedent on the weak, where social justice is a reality.”

According to several sources on the ground and media reports from RT, Hadi would have run away this Tuesday, leaving his coalition troops in a state of disarray.Witnesses in Aden have confirmed that many officials have already left Yemen as rumours of the imminent fall of Aden to Ansarallah have circulated.

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