EXCLUSIVE – Iranian diplomat is freed in Yemen

SHAFAQNA – Iranian diplomat, Nour-Ahmad Nikbakht was freed this Thursday following extensive efforts to secure his release by both Ansarallah (Shia political faction) and the Iranian authorities.

The diplomat was abducted in July 2013 in the capital of Yemen, Sana’a as he was travelling back to his residence.

In January 2014, Sky News Arabia channel erroneously reported that police had found the decapitated body of the kidnapped Iranian diplomat Nour-Ahmad Nikbakht in the province of Mareb in central Yemen. However, Nikbakht was later discovered to be alive.

A video of the Nour-Ahmad Nikbakht was featured on Press TV this Thursday afternoon as his plane landed in Tehran.

The Iranian TV channel said that law enforcement agencies from Yemen and Iran, as well as local politicians, had participated in the diplomat’s liberation. The security services believe that the diplomat was kidnapped by al-Qaeda terrorist group, according to the news outlet.


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