EXCLUSIVE -Russian plane takes off from Cairo to evacuate diplomats in Yemen


SHAFAQNA – A Russian plane sent to evacuate Russian citizens from Yemen left Cairo Thursday for the Yemeni capital Sanaa, a source in Sanaa’s airport confirmed media reports.

According to the source, Russian citizens are gathering in Sanaa’s airport waiting for the plane’s arrival.

Earlier in the day, a source in Cairo’s airport told RIA Novosti that the Russian aircraft was given a go-ahead to fly.

On Wednesday, a Russian Embassy official in Egypt told RIA Novosti that the plane was in Cairo, awaiting permission to fly to Sanaa. The aircraft could not take off as the anti-Houthi coalition forces had not given landing permission to the plane.

Last week, an international coalition headed by Saudi Arabia launched a military operation against Houthi positions in Yemen following a request for military support from Yemeni resigned-President Abdo Rabbo Mansour Hadi.

Foreign countries and international organizations, including the United Nations, have been evacuating their citizens and staff from Yemen amid the intensified conflict.



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