EXCLUSIVE – Saudis pillage Yemen historical heritage

SHAFAQNA – Yemeni activists both inside and outside Yemen have come out this Sunday to denounce the Kingdom’s actions against this poorest nation of the Arabian Peninsula.

A treasure at the heart of south Arabia, Yemen historical heritage stretches back several millenia.

From the skyscrapers of Shibam to Sheba’s palace in Marib and Bab Al Yemen in Sana’a, the capital, the country is a living testament to the world history.


It is believed that Sana’a was actually build several thousand year ago by non other than Shem, one of Noah’ son (PBUH).

Since Thursday and throughout the weekend Saudi Arabia pounded northern Yemen from the air, putting all those archeological treasures in jeopardy. But more than that, the Kingdom laid waste to precious and irreplaceable monuments. One of the oldest mosque in the world in northern Yemen was destroyed  -Imam Al Hadi Mosque.


“Saudi Arabia is trying to destroy Yemen’s cultural and religious heritage … this is hatred and the world cannot just stand and watch as the world history is going up in flames. ISIS did the same thing in Iraq and Syria. Those people are animated from the same poison. Wahhabis Islam has become a vicious poison to humanity just like nazism was 70 years ago,” said Dr Hassan Al Kholani in exclusive comments to Shafaqna.


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