EXCLUSIVE – Somalia confirms it is sending 2000 troops to fight Yemen Houthis

SHAFAQNA – Officials in Somalia have confirmed under cover of anonymity that Saudi Arabia demanded that they participate in the war efforts against the Houthis – Zaidi faction led by Seyyed Abdel-Malek al Houthi – Somalia is now readying some 2000 troops to be deployed at a moment’s notice.
Pakistan, Egypt and Sudan have also been called upon by Saudi King Salman Al Saud to intervene on behalf of the Kingdom in Yemen.
Almost a week after the KSA declared war on Yemen, the Kingdom is losing patience and is contemplating sending troops on the ground to push the Houthis back.
Although airstrikes have destroyed much of Yemen’s military arsenal, Yemenis have said to be determined to defend their land from foreign invasion, no matter the cost.
Historically empired have broken their neck on Yemen. Proud and fiercely independent Yemenis do not take lightly to foreign attacks.
Thousands of civilians have flocked to the Houthis to lend their arms to the resistance movement.Across the country, tribal leaders have called on their men to fihgt against the Saudi aggressor and defend their homeland.

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