EXCLUSIVE – Why Saudi Arabia is preventing aid to reach Aden

SHAFAQNA – Hisham Al Omeysi, a Yemeni activist in Sana’a commented on Twitter that Aden – former capital of South Yemen – has been gripped by a momentous humanitarian crisis as food and medicine are not coming in.

He wrote, “Aden 30°C & 65% humidity, no water, electricity, gas/fuel, or food. Fighting, explosions, bodies on street.. #Yemen
Residents in Aden confirmed that with little food left in supermarkets and warehouses, the situation is fast becoming unsustainable.
“There are dead bodies in the streets and noone is taking care of them … We have no access to water and electricity. We don’t even know what will happen in the enxt few days when we run out of everything,” said Anissa Abdel Salam, a teacher in Aden.
Aid workers confirmed this Saturday that Saudi Arabia categorically refused humanitarian aid to reach Aden as the kingomd would be looking to weaken the Southern Secessionist party – Al Harak – ahead of seizing control over the city and the region.
“If Al Harak is fighting against the Houthis it is really because the party wants secession, it understands this war as a war of independance from the north, it has little to do with the Houthis really. The Saudis understand this and they do nott want to risk arming and empowering a faction which in the end might turn against its allies in Yemen. It is a dangerous game Riyadh is playing in Yemen as more and more people are beginning to see through the lies and the propaganda.The Saudis will only succeed in breaking Yemen into two … It is sad,” said a military officer from Aden.For security reason the officer wished to remain anonymous.

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