EXCLUSIVE – “Yemen prepares for ground invasion of Saudi Arabia”, says Houthis general

SHAFAQNA – A Houthi general whose identity cannot be disclosed for obvious security reasons confirmed to Shafaqna on the phone this Sunday morning the Seyyed Abdel Malek Al Houthi is considering a ground attack against Saudi Arabia.
The Houthis militants who despite a grand scale military attack against their positions in Sana’a, Sa’ada, Taiz and Aden have managed to hold on to their positions, have said to be determined to bring war to King Salman Al Saud.
King Salman called on Jordan, Kuwait, the UAE, Egypt, Sudan, Bahrain and other of its allies in the region to attack the Houthis in Yemen in view of restoring resigned President Abdo Rabbo Mansour Hadi to the presidency.
Hadi, who ran to Saudi Arabia earlier this week after Houthis troops advanced on Aden, attended on Friday the Arab League meeting in Egypt. He urged the Arab Coalitions to maintain their air strikes against Yemen until “all Houthis have surrendered.”
So far hundreds of casualties, among which civilians have been reports and hospitals in the capital have said to be overwhelmed by the number of casualties.
Military sources have confirmed on Sunday that Israeli warplanes had been seen attacking Yemen’s military positions. “The Saudis have called on their regional allies, the Israelis to come and help them destroy free Yemenis. This is a despicable treason against the people of Yemen, all Arabs and free Muslims,” said Abdel-Ala’am Adbel Haq, a retired police officer in Sana’a.
“Hadi has sold out Yemen to the Zionists …  He’s a coward and a thug, a traitor to the motherland. Many might not agree with the Houthis on everything but Yemenis will never allow foreign troops to stand on Yemen’s lands. We fought the Egyptians in 1960 and we will do it again today. We might be poor, and we might not have fancy weapons, but we are free and we are proud.Yemen will never be Al SAud’s.”
Others in Yemen have already come to volunteer their guns to the Houthis to fight Saudi Arabia and its coalition.
In northern Sa’ada, Houthi women have also taken up arms, as they said to be willing to die alongside their husbands and sons. One woman, “Um Haytham told Shafaqna on the phone that the Houthis of Yemen will die where they stand in defense of their faith and their imam. “They are killing us because we are the people of Ali (AS). They are attacking us because they fea rthe truth of Islam.”

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