Explosion in Mexico children’s hospital killed 7, injured over 50 people

SHAFAQNA – A powerful gas blast at a children’s hospital in Mexico has killed seven people and injured dozens.

The huge blast on Thursday killed seven people, including four children, while destroying almost half of the Maternity and Children’s Hospital in Cuajimalpa, west of Mexico City. Around 50 people, including 20 children were wounded, most of them by flying glass.

Officials later said that the explosion likely happened after a broken pipe caused a blast in a gas truck outside of the hospital. More investigations are underway to determine the principle reason for the incident.

Rescuers rushed to the scene of the explosion to save the people trapped under the rubble while the city’s mayor announced that the entire area was evacuated, especially for the safety of the children. Television images showed ambulances transporting injured people to a nearby hospital.

Later reports suggested that people may still be trapped under the destroyed structure. Images on twitter showed that rescue teams with dogs had arrived in the area to look for more victims.





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