Facebook’s Zuckerberg speaks out in support of Muslims

SHAFAQNA – Controversial right-wing 2016 U.S. presidential candidate Donald Trump has rather vocally called for a complete ban on Muslims entering the country, proving that America, on the whole, is still somewhat ignorant of the culture of the Muslim community, allowing their fear of terrorism to enable them to stereotype an entire religion. He said that despite belonging to a Jewish family, he was taught to stand against attacks on any community in the world. “In times when attacks on your freedom are apparent, those attacks that hurt anyone will hurt everyone”, Zuckerberg said to his myriad followers on Facebook. Zuckerberg recently pledged that he would be donating 99% of his Facebook shares to his charity the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative, estimated at around $45 billion, following the birth of his and wife Priscilla Chan Zuckerberg’s daughter, Max. In the wake of growing Islamophobia worldwide as backlash over terrorist attacks and refugee crises, Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg posted a public message to all Muslim users reassuring millions that they will “always be welcome” on the platform. Trump’s words garnered him much criticism from political opponents, allies and public alike.

Though a post from Zuckerberg is not sufficient to alter national policy, the fact that Facebook is clearly standing in support of Muslims will play an important role in setting the tone of online discourse. Zuckerberg also made a foray into the Facebook staple of pet pictures on Sunday, with a photo of his dog, Beast, wearing a scarf to mark Hanukkah. “Somebody will say, ‘oh, freedom of speech, freedom of speech.’ These are foolish people”, Trump continued. He said people should stand together to to make the world a better place. At Facebook we offer our USA employees up to 4 months of paid maternity or paternity leave which they can take throughout the year. Trump’s policy suggestion has been roundly denounced, including by members of his own party, communities across the United States, and by large swaths of people around the world-though it has been a hit with neo-Nazi groups.

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