Fazal-ur Rehman: An odd man out : Shafaqna Exclusive

SHAFAQNA (International Shia News Agency)

At this hour of trial , when entire nation stands firmly against the terrorist outfits and committed to eliminate this Frankenstein and the most interesting thing is that Political pundits also seem on same page except JUI-F chief Fazal ur Rehman. Now, it is the turn of Maulana Fazlur Rehman of the JUI-F to try and create doubts in the minds of the public about what the principal internal threat is in Pakistan and suggest that there is some kind of conspiracy afoot against madressahs, conservative Muslims and the religious right here. After Peshawar Incident whom Fazal ur Rehman is befooling now? To be clear, the principal internal threat in Pakistan today is terrorism and militancy in the name of religion — simply, the Islamist militancy, terrorism and extremist threat. In trying to lump other groups carrying out political violence together with Islamist groups waging war against the Pakistani state and society, Maulana Fazlur Rehman appears to be deliberately trying to dilute the national consensus and create fresh discord between state and society. It is fairly obvious that by demanding all forms of armed militancy be treated in the same way — ie the new military courts regime be used against all groups that have resorted to any kind of political violence— the JUI-F is trying to drive a wedge between state and society and ensure that the effect of the National Action Plan and military courts embedded within that plan is minimal.

To do so makes sense for the JUI-F because of an unpleasant truth: the party continues to sympathise with and have allies in the world of Islamist militant groups here. The JUI-F is yet positioning itself on the wrong side of a democratic, inclusive, moderate Pakistan. Now when the time of decisive action against terrorists has arrived people like Fazal ur Rehman try to create doubts, to divert the attentions and create rifts. Maultana Should be clearly asked whether he is with Pakistan society or terrorists.

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